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Shurley timeline twentyfive years

Shurley English: 2007 Edition

The Shurley English: English Made Easy, 2007 Edition for grades K-8, continues to bring innovation and success to students in classrooms nationwide. The hallmark of Shurley English is helping students incorporate a strong foundation of grammar and language skills into a well-organized writing process to create effective communication.

This edition is fully supported and available for purchase.

The Shurley Method-English Made Easy: 1997 Edition

In 1997, the second edition of The Shurley Method-English Made Easy was released. This edition revitalized the Language Arts classroom. With an emphasis on strong foundational skills, such as grammar and conventions, Shurley Method students flourished in their writing endeavors.

This edition is out of print. Products are available in limited quantities.

The Shurley Method-English Made Easy: 1989 Edition

In 1989, eighteen years after Brenda Shurley began her journey to create a revolutionary curriculum, the first edition of The Shurley Method: English Made Easy was published for grades 1-7. This edition was based on the knowledge that all students can be successful writers and communicators. With a solid foundation of grammar and skills from which to build, students developed a tremendous sense of security and self-confidence in their ability in English.

This edition is out of print.

The Shurley Method-English Made Easy: The Beginning

In 1970, Brenda Shurley began teaching eighth grade. She felt very frustrated because her students did not retain and understand the material as well as they should after a whole year's work. She saw that they could not remember or apply many of the basic concepts that they should have mastered in previous grades. The reason soon became clear to her. The skills they were expected to learn and use were taught in isolation with only sporadic practice throughout the year. The result was that most of her students did not like English because they did not understand it.

Brenda Shurley knew there had to be a better way to teach language skills in order for students to master and apply these skills across the curriculum. She looked for an English program that would meet the needs of her students, but was unable to find one. Therefore, in 1971, she decided to develop her own. She wanted her English program to reach children with different learning abilities, to instill a love of learning, and to give students a solid foundation from which to build advanced writing and speaking skills. Thus, the Shurley curriculum was born.

Over the years, Brenda Shurley perfected and expanded Shurley English. She watched students in her classroom succeed in English and believe in themselves again. She grew more excited as she realized the Shurley curriculum could open nearly unlimited learning potential for every student.

At the corporate office, we lovingly refer to the first Shurley Method book as the binder edition, 1988. As Brenda Shurley continued to write and expand the Shurley curriculum, the binder was constantly being revised and updated based on feedback from numerous teachers across the country.

This edition is out of print.

NOTE: Shurley English editions are not cross-compatible. The scope and sequence of each edition varies greatly; therefore, we do not recommend intermixing books from different editions.