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Stepping Stones to English: ELL

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Teacher's Manual $125.00 978-1-58561-234-5
Teacher's Manual level ell

This comprehensive manual includes everything the teacher needs to plan, manage, and implement the Stepping Stones program. It includes instructional strategies and scripted lessons so that the teacher can easily facilitate students' transition into English. Students' English literacy gets a jumpstart in this program so that they can be integrated seamlessly into any classroom setting.

*Includes a Jingle CD.

Student Workbook $20.00 978-1-58561-235-2
Student Workbook level ell

In order to complete the Stepping Stones course, each student will require a consumable workbook. Each workbook contains definitions, practices, and checkups.

*Quantity Discount: Workbooks are $18 each when purchased in multiples of 5.

  *$18.00 each in multiples of 5.  

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