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Digital materials: 1-year subscription

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Digital Classroom: 1 year subscription 1 375.0 978-1-58561-339-7
Digital Classroom: 1 year subscription level 1

The Digital Classroom contains everything one classroom needs to complete the school year using Shurley English. The Digital Classroom includes 20 Digital Student Textbooks and Digital Teaching Materials for one teacher. In order for the teacher to take full advantage of our numerous digital enhancements, we provide a Digital Teacher's Manual and a Projectable Student Textbook.

The Teacher's Manual is essential for teaching the Shurley English curriculum. The digital manual contains everything that is in the traditional print edition, with additional features like bookmarks, notes, search, and access to powerful teaching aids. Teachers need only click the mouse to have access to modified worksheets, blank templates, and other helpful teaching aids available for duplication.

The Projectable Student Textbook includes numerous digital enhancements that are intended for interactive use during the lesson. Simply click the interactive "i" at the bottom of the screen to view the special content.

Within the Digital Teaching Materials, teachers are given access to the Shurley English Digital Assistant (SEDA). This valuable resource creates endless ways to promote knowledge acquisition and reinforce retention.

Add-On Digital Student Textbook: 1 year subscription 1 15.0 978-1-58561-291-8
Add-On Digital Student Textbook: 1 year subscription level 1

If your classroom contains more than 20 students, you may add-on the following Digital Student Textbooks to your Digital Classroom Order.

The Digital Student Textbook has been carefully developed to include numerous digital enhancements. The Digital Student Textbook can be displayed on students' computers, tablets, or compatible smartphones. It contains all the digital enhancements that make the lesson interactive and engaging. The student may access the digital textbook from home or school.

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