SEDA: The Shurley English Digital Assistant

With the Shurley English Digital Assistant: SEDA, you have the flexibility to change the way you deliver Language Arts instruction. Both the teacher and the student may listen to prerecorded lessons provided by SEDA. Teachers can use SEDA for blended learning, co-teaching, lesson preparation, and more. Students can use SEDA as a pre-teaching resource, a post-teaching reinforcement, and for student-centered, self-paced learning. Parents can use SEDA to stay on-pace with what is happening in the classroom and to provide accurate and timely reinforcement. SEDA is a wonderful resource that ensures continued learning at school and at home.

For teachers, SEDA...

  • eases the transition to a blended learning environment.
  • provides comprehensive resources for pre-teaching and post-teaching.
  • allows flexibility for co-teaching opportunities.
  • delivers detailed modeling for every lesson.
  • offers complete lesson preparation.

For students, SEDA...

  • primes learning with engaging, brain-friendly strategies.
  • delivers consistent, systematic reviews to boost retention of concepts.
  • ensures uninterrupted learning while at home.

For parents, SEDA...

  • keeps the academic structure and consistency of the traditional classroom at home.
  • provides parents with thorough resources to facilitate in-home learning.
  • develops confidence for providing accurate reinforcement.

SEDA is a feature that is included in the Digital Classroom materials. If you have a Shurley Digital have SEDA! We offer Digital Classrooms for our Shurley English Core Curriculum and our Shurley Grammar targeted program. We invite you to learn more here: