Shurley English: Digital Edition

Digital Subscription Levels 1-8, Digital Edition

The Digital Edition Subscription contains everything you need to teach one student for an entire school year using the Shurley English Digital Edition. Your subscription includes one Digital Teacher's Manual, one Digital Student Textbook, and SEDA.

Monthly Subscription Plan: $7.99 per month
Yearly Subscription Plan: $79.99 for 12 months of access

Multi-student Discount: For those families with more than one child utilizing Shurley English Digital Materials, a discount is provided on monthly subscriptions.

Free Trial Levels 1-8, Digital Edition

We feel the best way for you to see if the Digital Edition works for your family is by using it. For every home educator, we offer a free, three-day trial. We invite you to take this time to explore and discover all that the Shurley English Digital Edition has to offer. If you feel the Digital Edition is not a good fit for your family, simply cancel before the end of the trial period. This no-risk trial will allow you to see exactly why parents across the country trust Shurley English to give their students a solid foundation in language arts while instilling a true love of learning.

Click here to get started with your free trial.

Technical Requirements
  • OpenGL 2.0 or higher
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Initial download of Shurley Portal
Compatible Devices
Windows Computers
Windows® 7 or higher
Mac Computers
Mac OS X 10.7.3 or higher
Chrome OS with Google Play store
Apple iOS devices
Android devices
Amazon Fire tablets

Digital Teacher's Manual Levels 1-8, Digital Edition

The Teacher's Manual is essential for teaching the Shurley English curriculum and continues to be the heart of the program at every level. The Teacher’s Manual includes lesson plans, student objectives, teaching scripts, questioning strategies, modification strategies, classroom activities, enrichment activities, teaching tips, student tips, and answer keys. The digital manual is rich with additional features like bookmarks, notes, search, and access to powerful teaching aids.

Note: This product is included with all Digital Subscription Packages and may not be purchased separately.

Digital Student Textbook Levels 1-8, Digital Edition

Each lesson in the Digital Student Textbook has been carefully developed to include numerous digital enhancements. Simply click the interactive "i" at the bottom of the screen to view the special content. The Digital Student Textbook can be displayed on students' computers, tablets, or compatible smart phones. It contains all the digital enhancements that make the lesson interactive and engaging.

Note: This product is included with all Digital Subscription Packages and may not be purchased separately.

SEDA: Shurley English Digital Assistant

SEDA will change the way you deliver Language Arts instruction by providing you with a video of the lesson. Teachers can use SEDA for detailed training, lesson preparation, co-teaching, blended learning, and more. Students can use SEDA for pre-teaching resources and post-teaching reinforcement. SEDA is for everyone! This valuable resource will create endless ways to promote knowledge acquisition and reinforce retention.

Note: This product is included with all Digital Subscription Packages and may not be purchased separately.

Want print resources?

For those teachers who prefer having print resources for their students, we have complied a list of suggested materials below.

Student Workbook Levels 1-8

Print resource for the Digital Edition

The Student Workbook consists of consumable worksheets that are used in conjunction with the Digital Student Textbook. Students write on workbook pages instead of printing individual workbook pages from the Digital Student Textbook.

Student Test Book Levels 1-8

Print resource for the Digital Edition

The Test Book is a consumable book that contains the pretest, chapter tests, and the posttest. Tests are presented in multiple formats. Students write on test book pages instead of the teacher printing individual Test Book pages from the Digital Teacher’s Manual.

Sound Cards Levels 1-2

Print resource for the Digital Edition

Become an expert phonemic awareness instructor. Each card features the phoneme on the front side and teaching instructions and hints on the back. These 8.5 x 11 visual aids are printed on card stock, just the right size for your child to see from anywhere in the room.

Writing Folder Levels 3-8

The Shurley English Writing Folder will help your students move through the writing process with ease. This foldout, four-pocket folder keeps students organized with a dedicated space for their prewriting, rough draft, revised draft, and edited paper. It is packed with handy references, checklists, and tips to ensure students have exactly what they need to produce a polished piece of writing. Recommended for Shurley English Levels 3-8. Size: 9" x 12"

Sentence Booklet: Extra PracticeLevels 1-6

The Sentence Booklet is a consumable workbook intended to support your study of Shurley English and our unique approach to Language Arts. As grammar skills are introduced or as you review previously taught skills, you may utilize this book of sentences for additional classification or skill practice. Sentences are in large print and grouped by skill in this full-size, softcover booklet. This booklet covers multiple grade levels and is cross compatible with all editions of Shurley English. Sentence Booklets are not copy masters and may not be duplicated.

Sentence Booklet: Extra Practice KeyLevels 1-6

The Sentence Booklet Key is a companion product to the Shurley English Sentence Booklet. The answer keys from the Sentence Booklet have been conveniently placed together in a full-size, softcover book, making it easy to check student pages. This booklet covers multiple grade levels and is cross compatible with all editions of Shurley English.