Award Winning

Parents everywhere trust Shurley English to help their children grow into confident and competent communicators. Based on proven methods of learning and teaching, many consider Shurley English to be the most effective language arts curriculum available to homeschoolers.

Since 2001, parents have continued to sing the praises of our Homeschool Edition with yearly nominations for awards in excellence and through personal testimonials. We appreciate the accolades, and it warms our heart to know that our curriculum has helped homeschool families experience a successful literacy journey! Thank you for putting your trust in Shurley English!

Practical Homeschooling i-Learn Awards & Reader Awards

Every year, Practical Homeschooling requests reader nominations for its famous i-Learn Awards and Reader Awards. We are pleased to announce that Shurley English won a 2023 Reader Award in the Comprehensive Language Arts category, a 2023 Reader Award in the Grammar category, and a 2023 i-Learn Award in the Grammar category. In addition, the Shurley English Homeschooling Edition won Reader Awards in Comprehensive Language Arts, Grammar, and/or Writing in 2001, 2002, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. The Shurley English Digital Edition won i-Learn Awards in the Grammar category in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Parent Testimonials

Each year, we receive numerous letters and emails from parents who have stories to share about their first-hand experiences with Shurley English. We are pleased to share some of these unsolicited testimonials with you below:

"We are new to Shurley English, and I recently got my daughter Level 4. She absolutely loves it! We've tried numerous grammar and writing programs, and Shurley English is the first and only one that she really enjoys. A million thanks!" -Dana V.

"I am beyond thankful for Shurley English SEDA! Language arts is not my strength (or my interest). I am a Math and Science gal. When we made the decision to homeschool last year, I had tremendous anxiety about teaching language arts. I was very relieved when I met with one of your consultants at a Homeschool conference. After walking through one of the SEDA lessons, I knew this was exactly what I needed to provide my children with a strong language arts foundation. My children enjoy the program. They like getting on the computer, putting on their headphones, and doing their work. It helps me balance teaching three children and gives me time to do lessons with the other children. SEDA is a valuable cornerstone to our curriculum!" -Virginia G.

"Shurley English has built up my confidence as a teacher. My children feel successful, and I find great pride in what I am teaching them. Shurley English has changed my life." -Jamie H.

"I have been a homeschool teacher for 15 years. I was introduced to Shurley English two years ago, and I will not use another! When my older kiddos help my younger ones, they ask me why I didn't use it for them. Even they are impressed with the fun, ease, and in-depth education Shurley English provides." -Maria M.

"Today, I changed my language arts curriculum again. I was at a frustrated point with my son. I felt like no matter how I tried to teach him to write and to learn grammar, I was failing. So today, I looked up curriculum for dysgraphia. I must say, I was really impressed with Shurley English. I started a three-day trial, but the monthly membership is so very affordable. The customer service I received was absolutely wonderful. They helped me pick out a level for my son. We already did our classes for the day, so I tried it with my daughter. I can tell you so far that with just the first lesson...I LOVE IT!! I love the multisensory approach. I think this may have been what we have needed all along. Next week, I will be calling them back to let them know how my son is doing with the program, as they will help me assess things more and show me more areas of the program that would benefit him. I was truly amazed with how helpful they were and how much they care about his education. I am really excited to have found something for him."

Follow up: "I am really enjoying Shurley English! It is working out really well for the kids. They started journal writing this past week and also started a vocabulary book. This is really new to them in how things are done. So far, they are adjusting really well. I can already see this curriculum helping my daughter excel. I can see that it will also help my son with writing, thinking, and speaking. So, we are on the right track." -Super Mommy, blogger

"What I really like about Shurley English is the way it is outlined. It is really easy for the students to follow. It gives them concrete structure, yet allows them a chance to be creative with their writing." -Bob S.