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Even though Shurley English has been carefully designed and developed to meet students' educational needs in English by using all the principles of learning, motivation, retention, transfer, and reinforcement, the teacher is the key that unlocks the full potential of Shurley English.

As with any curriculum, success with Shurley English depends mostly on a teacher's enthusiasm and persistence in using the curriculum as it is written. Maximum benefits are gained with daily use. Before you begin teaching Shurley English, we invite you to review the information below:

Student-Teacher Interaction: Shurley English uses rhythm, repetition, fun, and student-teacher interaction to help students learn difficult English skills. You will learn to model each new step for your students as outlined in the Teacher's Manual. Students' learning is accelerated as they actively participate with you because they are constantly exposed to "see it, hear it, say it, and do it" activities that meet their visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles.

Teacher Preparation: This is a spiraling curriculum, which builds upon previously taught skills, so you should always present the concepts in the order that the book is written.

Stay one lesson ahead of your students. Study the entire lesson thoroughly before you present it. The teaching script in the Teacher's Manual tells you word-for-word everything that you need to say as you teach. It will also tell you when your students are to participate with you. (You may use this script to guide your own lesson, or you can simply read it exactly as it is written. The script is there to help you feel comfortable with how to best teach Language Arts concepts.)

Do not skip anything, do not jump ahead, and do not get discouraged. In just a short time, you will be in a comfortable routine.

Teaching Time: Some English periods will be longer than others. Your lesson time will depend on the needs and abilities of your students and how long they have used Shurley English. Generally, it will take 45 minutes to complete a Shurley English lesson.

Keep Moving Forward: Do not remain on any one lesson too long. It is certainly reasonable to go over any set of sentences an extra time; or, if you need two days to finish a lesson, that is okay as long as you finish the entire book. Mastery develops over a period of time, and your student is given ample time and practice to achieve mastery of most skills. Generally, you teach one lesson per day. Sometimes, it does not work out that way as there are holidays, sick days, etc. Just get back on schedule as soon as possible. It is important to teach a lesson every day.

Shurley Portal Software (Digital Edition only) Be sure to download and install the Shurley Portal Software on each device you plan to use during the school day. If you are utilizing a tablet, you may download the Shurley Portal app for free. If you have an iDevice, such as an iPad or iPhone, please visit the App Store. If you have an Android device, please visit the Google Play Store.

Teacher Support: In addition to our online resources, we provide a toll-free telephone support service to ensure your success. If you have a question at any time during the year, do not hesitate to contact our corporate office.