What is the difference between Shurley English Homeschooling and the Digital Edition?
Shurley English Homeschooling is our award-winning grammar and writing program. Based on the tried and true methods developed in our flagship Shurley English curriculum, it was developed specifically for parents who have undertaken the awesome responsibility of educating their children at home.
The Shurley English Digital Edition is our latest edition of Shurley English. Our own in-house team of technology experts worked in tandem with our authors. Together, they designed digital enhancements, tailor-made for our unique approach to language arts instruction. This edition of Shurley English brought success to students in classrooms nationwide and crosses to the home environment with ease, providing home educators with a Digital Language Arts curriculum that truly elevates their child to the next level in language development.
No matter what edition you choose, know that the Shurley English curriculum assembles a unique combination of features and strategies to provide for student success in grammar, skills, writing, and reading. These features are logically, sequentially, and systematically woven into the curriculum to provide a solid foundation for lifetime literacy.
How long has Shurley English been available?
Shurley English has been available since 1989.
What is a Kit? (print materials)
Print materials for each grade level are sold in a kit . A kit contains everything you need to teach one child for an entire school year. Each kit contains the following three items: one Teacher's Manual, one Student Textbook, and one Introductory CD.
Do all the grade levels come in one kit? Do I need to purchase a kit each year? (print materials)
All the grade levels do not come in one kit. There is a kit for each grade. You must purchase a kit for each year your child is in Shurley English because each kit contains the complete curriculum for that grade level.
What is a Digital Subscription? (digital materials)
A Digital Subscription contains everything you need to teach one student for an entire school year. The subscription includes one Digital Teacher's Manual and one Digital Student Textbook for a given grade level.
Do all the grade levels come in the Digital Subscription? (digital materials)
All the grade levels do not come in a Digital Subscription. Once your student has completed a level, you may promote that student to the next level. If you have more than one student utilizing the Shurley English Digital Edition, you must purchase a subscription for each student.
I have several children. Do I need a Digital Subscription for each child? (digital materials)
Yes, you need a Digital Subscription for each child using the Shurley English Digital Edition. Multi-student discounts are available for families with multiple children. (Restrictions apply.)
How do I know at what level to start my child? Do you provide placement tests?
We do not provide placement tests. The level selected usually depends upon three things: (1) Grade level, (2) Reading and comprehension level, and (3) Maturity level. Shurley English is a little more advanced than most curriculums, but we normally recommend starting children in their appropriate grade levels.
Do I need to start in Level 1 if my child has never used Shurley English?
No, not unless your child is reading on a first-grade level.
I have several children. How do I teach several grades together? Can I combine my children into one grade?
To combine children, you must consider maturity and reading/comprehension levels. You can usually combine children if they are only one grade apart (5th and 6th, 3rd and 4th, etc.). Maturity is a big factor when you try to combine younger children with older children. Here are some ideas that might work for you.
  1. Do jingle time together to make it a fun learning experience for all your children.
  2. Have your older children do the lessons with your younger children using a kit that is appropriate for the younger child.
  3. Assign seatwork for the younger ones while you teach your older children their lessons. You will learn to make the necessary adjustments if you choose to combine grade levels.
Can you give me the name of a home educator in my area that is using Shurley English?
No, we do not give out names, addresses, or phone numbers of home educators. We suggest you contact another Shurley English home educator through your local homeschool support group.
Can I preview the material before I buy it?
We do not send out preview materials. Sample pages from each level of our curriculum are available on our website.
How do I place an order?
You may order online or via telephone with a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card. You may also mail your order to our offices. Include your payment by money order in U.S. dollars. Call us for shipping and handling charges. Arkansas residents must include sales tax.
Can you recommend curriculum for other subjects?
We are not familiar enough with other curriculums to make a recommendation. You may consider consulting other home educators or homeschool magazines that evaluate curriculums.
Do I need a separate writing program?
You do not need a separate writing program. The writing in Shurley English is very comprehensive. Children are taught how to write paragraphs in the four thematic patterns: expository, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive. Then, they are taught how to expand their paragraphs into essays.
What do you suggest after Shurley English?
We are not familiar enough with other curriculums to make a recommendation. You may consider consulting other home educators or homeschool magazines that evaluate curriculums.


How do I prepare for each lesson?
You need to stay a lesson ahead of your children. Read each lesson the day before you teach it. After several weeks, it will be easier to prepare and teach a lesson.
How long will it take to teach each lesson?
Each lesson will usually take between 20 to 45 minutes. It may take a little longer at the beginning because your child is learning the jingles. If you have a lesson that seems too long, teach part of the lesson one day and teach the rest of the lesson the next day. This curriculum allows you a lot of flexibility.
How many days should I spend on each lesson?
Each lesson is designed to be taught in one day. You may make some modifications, but, in general, to get the best results from this curriculum, it must be taught every day.
How do I begin?
When you first look at the teacher's manual, it can be overwhelming; therefore, focus on one lesson at a time. Read each lesson just like you would read a storybook. If you read every word in every lesson, you will understand how to teach this program. Do not skip lessons. Every lesson is built upon the previous lessons. Just get started. Remember, read each lesson word-for-word, step-by-step, and page-by-page. Do exactly what it says.
What is the Question & Answer Flow?
The Question & Answer Flow is a concrete set of questions and answers that gives children the ability to determine how each word is used within a sentence. The rhythmic Q & A Flow is done in an energized manner to enhance learning and to ensure enjoyment. By using the Q & A Flow, children are able to completely analyze a sentence. The difficulty level increases during the course of the year.


How do I know if my child is in the right level?
If Shurley English is new to the parent and the child, it may be difficult to determine whether the child is in the right level during the first few weeks. As a general guideline, after approximately six to eight weeks, the child should begin to show more consistency and proficiency during the lessons. Remember, with practice and persistence, mastery develops over a period of time.
If my child does not catch on to the Shurley English level that I have, can I return my materials and purchase a lower level?
For customers with Digital Materials, we allow you to change your subscription level one time during the school year. You must call to initiate a level change.
For customers with Print Materials, we offer a 30-day return policy for print materials. If you return the kit within that thirty days, and it is in new condition, you can exchange it for a lower level. You may consider keeping the higher level for the next school year. Note: There will be a restocking fee applied to each kit returned.
Should my child repeat a level if he/she is struggling?
First, your child needs time to adapt to a new curriculum. If you have chosen a level at or below the child's grade level, you should have no trouble making a few adjustments to get your child back on track. This curriculum gives you the flexibility to slow the lessons down at the beginning (take two days instead of one to finish a lesson). If your child is still struggling after eight weeks in this curriculum, you may need to choose a lower level until the child is comfortable. When you think your child is ready, you always have the option of moving him/her up to a higher level.
Trust the program. Read each lesson just like you would a storybook: word-for-word, step-by-step, and page-by-page. Remember to have fun with the jingles and the Question & Answer Flows. A positive approach by the parent is very important to the success of this curriculum.
Is this a full- year curriculum? What do I do if we finish before the end of the year?
Each level provides enough lessons for the entire school year. If you finish early, provide children with opportunities to sharpen their sensory perceptions and to incorporate those into various creative-writing assignments.
What do I do if I start Shurley English in the middle of the year and don't finish the level before our school year ends?
You continue the level that you did not finish until it is complete. Then, you start the next level immediately.
Is it better to have more than one child participate in the Shurley English program?
This curriculum will work for an individual child as well as with a group of children. The parent determines the learning environment and makes it fun in both instances. This program provides all children with a chance to achieve success individually or in groups.
Can I teach jingles from a higher level to children in a lower level?
Can we use our own sentences for extra practice?
Yes, you can use your own sentences for extra practice. Be very careful to follow the patterns that are being taught. Do not expect your children to be able to classify sentences that have concepts in them that have not been taught. You could also classify the Practice and Improved Sentences that your children write as long as the children follow the sentence patterns. Note: Because of the volume of calls, we do not classify sentences that are not included in the Shurley English curriculum.
Does my child have to write on notebook paper?
Some children write larger than others, so parts of the test and practice assignments that require more writing are done on notebook paper to accommodate for those differences. This also allows more review of skills than would otherwise be possible. Most parents just staple the notebook paper to the test or practice page to keep them together.
Who can I call with questions about this curriculum?
The Shurley English office staff is trained to answer basic questions about our curriculum. Note: We do not counsel parents about teaching strategies or classify sentences that are not included in the Shurley English curriculum.