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Shurley English Homeschooling: Materials

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Homeschool Kit 4 $70.00 978-1-58561-036-5
Homeschool Kit level 4
A kit contains everything needed to teach one student for the entire school year. Each kit contains the following items:
  • Teacher's Manual
  • Student Workbook
  • Homeschool Audio CD (Introductory CD)

Note: Additional Student Workbooks and Introductory CDs are available. Teacher's Manuals are not sold separately from the kit.

Shurley English Homeschooling: Replacement Materials

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Homeschool Workbook 4 $12.00 978-1-58561-037-2
Homeschool Workbook level 4
Levels 1-6 use workbooks rather than traditional textbooks for students to practice and test their acquired knowledge and skills. Each workbook contains four sections.
  • Jingle:This section contains all the jingles.
  • Reference:This section includes vocabulary words, guided practices, samples, guidelines, English rules, and charts.
  • Practice:This section provides extra practice on the various skills taught before the skills are tested.
  • Test:This section contains the tests for each chapter. Each test is divided into 4 basic areas: grammar, vocabulary, language skills, and a summary for the week.
Homeschool Audio CD 4 $15.00 978-1-58561-038-9
Homeschool Audio CD level 4
The Introductory CD provides the jingles and the Question & Answer Flows for the Introductory Sentences found in the Teacher's Manual. The audio CD may be used to demonstrate jingles and Question & Answer Flows to students. It may also be used as a resource for parents.

Shurley English Homeschooling: Ancillary Materials

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Literature Selections 4 $10.00 978-1-881940-97-5
Literature Selections level 4

The Literature Selections booklet gives your child a unique exposure to contemporary and non-contemporary authors. A set of discussion questions follows each story or poem to evaluate comprehension and inference. Literature vocabulary is also introduced. These selections are a fun and exciting way for students to begin the study of literature.

*Discontinued product. Limited quantities available.

Homeschool Practice Set (Booklet & CD) 4 $30.00 978-1-58561-061-7
Homeschool Practice Set (Booklet & CD) level 4
A Practice Set consists of the Practice Booklet and two Practice CDs. The components may also be purchased individually. These items are not required for the program, but are available for parents who want these additional tools for their students.

Note: The booklet in the Practice Set contains the Introductory and Practice Sentences from the daily oral lessons in the Teacher's Manual. The booklet does not contain additional sentences for extra practice.
Educational Software No Longer Available 4 $50.00 978-1-58561-003-7
Educational Software level 4
Educational Software "Classifying with Quigley"
Homeschool Practice Booklet 4 $8.00 978-1-58561-055-6
Homeschool Practice Booklet level 4
The Introductory and Practice Sentences found in the Teacher's Manual are available in an easy-to-use student booklet that is a great time-saver for the parent and the student.
  • Sentences are classified in the Practice Booklet instead of writing them on the board or on notebook paper.
  • Sentences are in large print and grouped by chapter and lesson.
Homeschool Practice CD 4 $25.00 978-1-58561-039-6
Homeschool Practice CD level 4
The two Practice CDs give students an opportunity to hear each of the Practice Sentences read and classified aloud.
  • Students can follow along with the Practice CDs to reinforce what they have learned.
  • Students can use the Practice CDs to check their work in the Practice Booklet independently.
Sentence Booklet 4 $7.00 978-1-58561-368-7
Sentence Booklet level 4
The Sentence Booklet is a consumable workbook intended to support your study of Shurley English and our unique approach to Language Arts. As grammar skills are introduced or as you review previously taught skills, you may utilize this book of sentences for additional classification or skill practice. Sentences are in large print and grouped by skill in this full-size, softcover booklet. This booklet covers multiple grade levels and is cross compatible with all editions of Shurley English. Sentence Booklets are not copy masters and may not be duplicated.
Sentence Booklet Key 4 $12.00 978-1-58561-401-1
Sentence Booklet Key level 4
The Sentence Booklet Key is a companion product to the Shurley English Sentence Booklet. The answer keys from the Sentence Booklet have been conveniently placed together in a full-size, softcover book, making it easy to check student pages. This booklet covers multiple grade levels and is cross compatible with all editions of Shurley English.
Writing Folder Levels 3-8 4 $8.00 978-1-58561-425-7
Writing Folder Levels 3-8 level 4

The Shurley English Writing Folder will help your students move through the writing process with ease. This foldout, four-pocket folder keeps students organized with a dedicated space for their prewriting, rough draft, revised draft, and edited paper. It is packed with handy references, checklists, and tips to ensure students have exactly what they need to produce a polished piece of writing. Recommended for Shurley English Levels 3-8. Size: 9" x 12"

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