Digital is Dynamic: Technology for the 21st century

Digital Edition Only

During the development phase of our Shurley English Core Curriculum and our Shurley Grammar Supplemental Program, our own in-house team of technology experts worked in tandem with our authors. Together, they designed digital enhancements, tailor-made for our unique approach to language arts instruction. It was important to us to develop purposeful digital-enhancements to the curriculum. Time in the classroom is valuable, and therefore a digital product must provide true, measurable value to the student and the learning process.

To this end, we developed our digital curriculum to...

  • enhance the lessons with stimulating multi-sensory input.
  • incorporate strategies to engage the brain and enhance understanding.
  • activate and maintain student engagement within each lesson.
  • meet the growing need for technology instruction and learning in the Digital Age.

We invite you to explore each of our unique features below:

Interactive Content

With Shurley English, your students have access to Interactive Content that is purposeful to the learning process. Our content enhances the lesson with stimulating, multi-sensory input that promotes engagement throughout the lesson.

As students navigate through the lesson, they may access content through the Interactive Menu.

Plays audio for the chosen Jingle along with a follow-along animation

Plays helpful audio for the skills being taught on the page, such as Q&A Flows, Introductory and Practice Sentences, Vocabulary Words, and much more

Plays an animation or a video that visually reinforces the material being taught on the page

Launches a variety of activities that can be displayed and utilized as classroom practice through an Interactive Whiteboard or other display device

Displays a printable PDF of various resources such as assessments and practice forms

SEDA: Shurley English Digital Assistant

The Shurley English Digital Assistant (SEDA) is here to help you become a Language Arts expert. Utilizing highly-trained, certified teachers, we model every lesson for you. This valuable resource creates endless ways to promote knowledge acquisition and reinforce retention.

Learn more about SEDA.

Shurley Portal

Access to your digital products is simple and easy with the Shurley Online Services Portal.

  • Manage access to each of your Digital Student Textbooks.
  • View numerous, printable enrichment worksheets.
  • Review self-help resources and easy-to-follow videos for teaching strategies.
Technical Requirements
  • OpenGL 2.0 or higher
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Initial download of Shurley Portal
Compatible Devices
Windows Computers
Windows® 7 or higher
Mac Computers
Mac OS X 10.7.3 or higher
Chrome OS with Google Play store
Apple iOS devices
Android devices
Amazon Fire tablets

Our digital materials are available for both the Shurley English Core Curriculum and the Shurley Grammar Supplemental Program. We invite you to learn more here!