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Lesson 11

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Speaking and listening opportunities that

• allow students to discuss topics formally and informally.

• encourage active listening in flexible student groups.

• prepare students for formal and informal oral presentations.

• rehearse routine discussion strategies that build knowledge.

Reinforcing reading instruction by

• allowing students to build their own literacy from sound-symbols to words to sentences to writing fluency.

• developing decoding, phonemic awareness, spelling, and fluency skills.

• integrating high-frequency words.

• allowing textual analysis in bite-size chunks.

• •

encouraging students to think deeper and more critically.

providing comprehension support. featuring original pieces in various

domains of literature, including narratives, informative pieces, opinion/argumentative writing, and other culturally-relevant text, which stimulate discussion and boost comprehension.

drawing on literature models that enhance and inform their own writing.



Reading Passage: Narrative It’s time to enhance your comprehension skills. Comprehension is the understanding of things you read or hear. Follow your teacher’s directions for the passage and questions.

The Predicament Trey’s favorite thing to do was

ride his new mountain bike that he had just gotten for his birthday. He rode it on the sidewalk, in the back yard, and around the neigh - bor hood. He always waved to his best friend, Aaron, every time he passed by Aaron’s house, which was frequently. Trey wished Aaron had a bike so that they could ride together, but he knew that Aaron’s dad had been unemployed for the past four months, and they could not afford to buy Aaron a bike right now.

One evening as Trey put his

bike in the garage, he had a great idea. He eagerly talked to his parents about it, and they agreed with Trey’s proposal. That night, Trey went to bed happy and

excited about the solution to his predicament.

The next day, Trey stopped in

front of Aaron’s house, but he wasn’t on his new bike. He was on the old bike that he had outgrown. Since Aaron was smaller than Trey, the older bike would be a perfect fit for him. After explaining his idea to Aaron and his parents and getting their consent, Trey sprinted back home, grabbed his new bike, and raced back to Aaron’s. That day, Aaron rode with Trey around the neighborhood. Aaron was overjoyed, and Trey felt great about helping his best friend. Besides, it was a lot more fun to ride with Aaron than just to wave at him while riding by his house.

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