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Welcome to the Shurley method of language arts instruction! As you and your educational teams meet to discuss student progress and your next steps to ensure student success, we hope you will consider partnering with Shurley English. We have a mix of print and digital learning options that can provide your students with exactly what they need to be competent and confident in grammar, skills, and writing. As you review our materials, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have. We are prepared to help you find the perfect blend of materials to support your learning goals.

Request a Customized Quote

In addition to meeting your learning goals, we always strive to provide you with the best value for your textbook dollars. Requesting a quote is simple:

  1. Choose the edition of Shurley you would like to implement: Shurley English or Shurley Grammar.
  2. Complete an order form.
    Shurley English Order Form
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    Older Editions (2007, 1997)

    If you are unsure about which items you need, we are happy to help. Please provide us with the following information about your school:

    • School Name and Address
    • Number of teachers per level
    • Number of students per level
    • Product preference: print, digital, or print+digital
  3. Email your completed order form or school information to shurley@shurley.com. Then, we will create your customized quote!

Place Your Order

To place an order for Shurley materials, you have three options:

  • Email your school purchase order*.
  • Call with your credit card.
  • Visit our online store.

*Your school PO must contain an authorized signature along with the ISBN, title, quantity, shipping & handling, and activation fees.